Remote Year Apartment Tour Medellin Colombia

Remote Year Apartment Tour Medellin Colombia

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Remote Year Apartment Tour Medellin Colombia

The travel vlog is an Apartment Tour of my Remote Year Apartment in Medellin Colombia.

I currently travel the world as a digital nomad with Remote Year. Remote Year provides an apartment to location independent workers as part of their program. This month we are in Medellin Colombia and this travel vlog is an apartment tour of my apartment here in Medellin Colombia.

I've really enjoyed all the apartments I've had with Remote Year and this one might be the best. It's a quick walk to our Selina Coworking space. Everyone in Remote Year does remote work so being close to a coworking space is important. My Remote Year apartment in Medellin Colombia also has an amazing view of the city.

This is not a Remote Year Review, it's a Remote Year Apartment Tour Medellin Colombia. I use Remote Year for my full time travel. If you're interested in location independence and would like to know What is Remote Year check out my other videos.
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Title: Remote Year Apartment Tour Medellin Colombia
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