How to Find Affordable Locations, Flights & Lodging

How to Find Affordable Locations, Flights & Lodging

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In today's video we discuss how to find affordable locations, flights and lodging.

I've been traveling around the world full time for almost 3 years. I have learn some things along the way on how to travel the world on a budget. I'm not a penny pincher but I like to find high quality affordable cities to live in. Then find cheap flights to get there and inexpensive lodging.

I use a website called nomadlist to find affordable locations to retire and live in. It's a popular website with digital nomads but I think it's a valuable resource for expats and expat nomads like me.

Let me know what you thing of these travel hacks for finding these affordable cities around the world, cheap flight & inexpensive lodging.
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Title: How to Find Affordable Locations, Flights & Lodging
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