Top 3 Best Locations to do Medical Tourism

Top 3 Best Locations to do Medical Tourism

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January 19, 2023
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Top 3 Best Locations to do Medical Tourism

It is not a secret that medical services are expensive in some countries, even when there is medical insurance available, people can spend a lot of money on simple treatments. This is a dangerous situation since it can lead people to ignore and overlook important signs and symptoms just because they don’t have the money to afford a consultation with a doctor. 

The high cost of health has made people look for alternative options, and nowadays, one of the most popular options to find affordable medical attention is traveling abroad to countries that offer the same quality treatments and services but at lower prices. Is it a good idea to travel abroad for health care? What are the benefits? And what are the best locations to visit?

Why travel abroad for medical care?

Medical tourism has existed for years in many countries, but lately, it has been more commented and people are curious about the process. Why go to a different country for medical attention? Is it worth it?

The main reason behind this movement is financial. Health care in some countries like U.S. or Canada is expensive, and people with chronic illnesses or that require high-cost treatments cannot afford them in their native country. Instead of risking their health, they prefer to travel to a different country that is affordable so they can take care of their medical needs and save money in the process.

The second reason behind this is that it is possible to find high-quality medical attention in other countries, even when the cost is lower. Hotspots for medical tourism are filled with the best professionals in the country ready to offer their services. It is a win-win situation for both: the patient finds affordable medical services, and doctors can charge slightly higher rates than they would normally do. Therefore, it is easy to find experts and leaders working here.

What are the benefits of medical tourism?

There are many benefits of practicing medical tourism:

Access to quality medical services.Lower prices in all treatments, especially high-cost procedures. People can save up to 80% on costs. Hotspots for medical tourism accept many payment methods. Doctors and staff are bilingual and used to tourists. Some countries don’t require Visa to visit.Since it is cheaper, it is possible to stay longer and even take the family with you. You can explore a different country in the meantime just like on vacation.

What are the best locations for medical tourism?

These are the top 3 best locations to travel for medical tourism:


This is the top favorite for patients coming from the United States and Canada because they don’t need a Visa. Not only is it geographically closer, but the prices are way lower, so patients can save up to 80% on high-cost treatments.

Mexico has a specific town called Los Algodones, which is a hotspot for dental tourism. It is a border town in Baja California that is filled with the best dentists in the country. People that need expensive dental treatments, like dental implants or oral surgery, come here to find low-cost high-quality treatments.

If you are looking for affordable dental treatments like dental implants, veneers, or crowns in Los Algodones, you can visit Dental Solutions which is a dental clinic that offers all types of cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry.


Thailand has been popular for many years in the medical tourism scene, and it is such a big thing in the country, that each year the market for medical tourism grows by 16%. The reason why people love coming here is that Thailand’s medical system offers a wide range of procedures, non-elective or cosmetic, but the prices are just a fraction compared with other countries.

Bangkok is the main focus for tourists, and you can find big and modern hospitals like Bumrungrad Hospital, which has all the latest technology and techniques to offer. Even though you can get any medical procedure here, the most popular are cosmetic and plastic surgeries. People can save thousands of dollars even while traveling and exploring the city.


India has a big culture in medicine, so it is not a surprise that it is one of the favorite locations for medical tourism. This country has a $2 billion industry thanks to medical tourism, and the government is constantly making efforts to facilitate, improve, and promote it. For example, patients visiting from the U.S. won’t need a Visa.

Chennai and Noida are the main medical tourist cities, and you can find in them the best doctors in the country, working with the latest equipment, and offering modern techniques. You can find any medical procedure here, but the most popular are high-end procedures like bypass, bone-marrow transplant, hip replacement, and eye surgery.

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