Icelandair Reveals The Most Popular European Cities For Americans In 2023

Icelandair Reveals The Most Popular European Cities For Americans In 2023

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May 22, 2023
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Icelandair Reveals The Most Popular European Cities For Americans In 2023

The top 10 European cities Americans are itching to visit this year were determined by Icelandair using data from Statista, Reddit, Instagram and Twitter. The results might surprise you, although many of the places on this list, including Rome and Athens, are well-known to tourists worldwide. Nevertheless, there are also some unexpected cities on this list, such as Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

Brussels, Belgium

The first city on this year’s list of American travel destinations is Brussels, the capital of Belgium. With plenty of Art Nouveau architecture, history, and sites to appreciate, the art-centric city is a favorite choice for photographers and art lovers. Travelers can also stop by vintage flea markets, upscale shopping areas, and The Canal, a restored industrial neighborhood that has been transformed into a hip and sustainable entertainment district, in between museum visits.

London, United Kingdom


The second most sought-after destination in Europe for Americans is London. As long as you don’t worry too much about the weather, the ideal seasons to come for budget travelers are from November through March.

Rome, Italy

The “Eternal City” of Rome remains on the wish list of American travelers. This year, it ranks third on the popularity scale. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a city with a 5,000-year history that has made it one of Italy’s most famous cities. The ideal time to visit this city, as with many European cities, is early summer and early fall, while tickets are cheapest from September to February.

Hamburg, Germany

Home to the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, a contemporary building that stands above the silver river and recalls the city’s industrial background, as well as the Speicherstadt District, the largest warehouse district in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors to Hamburg can take a time travel tour by stopping at industrial landmarks from the early 1900s and 17th-century row houses.

Vienna, Austria

Considered one of the jewels of Europe, the fifth city on this list shines with cultural significance and architectural brilliance, attracting millions of tourists each year with its love of classical music, impressive buildings and world-class museums. The MuseumsQuartier, a district of art museums, is also located in Vienna, Austria.

thens, Greece

No first visit to Athens is complete without a walk to the Acropolis, a fifth-century complex that houses the Parthenon. However, visitors should also not forget to stop by the National Archeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum to see more artifacts of Greek history.

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal has long been a favorite warm-weather vacation spot for northern Europeans, but American tourists are only now taking notice of it. Lisbon, the country’s pastel-painted capital, ranks eighth this year. Visitors can explore distinctive Portuguese cuisine, visit historic sites from ancient times to the Baroque era, and take advantage of the city’s nearby beaches.

Sofia, Bulgaria

The capital of Bulgaria is a vibrant metropolis with a history that dates back to ancient times and connects with more recent Eastern European history. It is an excellent option for those who want to get to know a less known, less expensive, but no less significant place because it is less expensive than other major cities in Europe. You will have no trouble doing anything in this city, which has everything to offer from historic churches to the famous National Palace of Culture.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is the ninth most visited city by Americans this year. There are other reasons why this city is so popular than just its accessibility and its position as the nation’s capital. Only three historic sites are on the list of sights that every first-time traveler should visit: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin Castle and the magnificent library of Trinity College. A local pub is a great place for tourists to experience the nation’s pub culture.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden’s water-centric capital, is included last on this list. Constructed on a group of fourteen islands in the Baltic Sea it also is home to top-notch museums, like the entertaining Abba Museum and the Nobel Museum, a royal palace, a church from the thirteenth century, and numerous other historic and cultural landmarks. Stockholm also takes pride in its sustainability, which draws entrepreneurs from all over the world.

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