5 Things To Do On Castaway Cay With Disney Cruise

5 Things To Do On Castaway Cay With Disney Cruise

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August 3, 2022
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5 Things To Do On Castaway Cay With Disney Cruise

According to my family’s ratings, the Disney Fantasy Cruise out tops other cruises with luxury and fun. But I have to say that the Disney Off Cruise Experience at Castaway Cay in the Bahamas, a private island owned by Disney, really did it for me. We did this as part of the Fantasy Disney Cruise maiden voyage. And here I listed the top things to do on castaway cay.

After many years of considering this experience, we finally decided to go ahead and try it during one of our yearly family US visits, and I’m so glad we did.

entrance to Castaway Caye getting of the disney cruise at the bahamas

Or maybe we were just lucky to have the most perfect day EVER! But either way, I would definitely recommend it. Keep scrolling down to learn more about my family’s favorite things about the Disney Off Cruise Experience.

5 Fun Things To Do on Castaway Cay

Watching the Disney Cruise

I know this seems like a big – So What – but Oh My God! I can literally stare at this insane, huge masterpiece for hours. It’s so hard to define what you see when you look at the cruise boat that you have just been sailing on for three days. It’s a completely different feel when you’re on it since you never really feel yourself being on a boat, as when you look the actual ‘City at Sea’ parked.

View of the disney cruise from castaway caye

Family Friendly Area 

Castaway Cay is split up into two main parts – for families, you get to enjoy the front end of the island with white white-sanded beaches with crystal clear waters and there is even a great kid’s waterpark built into the shallow area of the coast.

For someone like me who doesn’t enjoy the water, it was perfect, as there was plenty of space for me to sit around and wait for my sons while enjoying the gorgeous views and getting in a gorgeous tan.

There is also an area dedicated specifically to teens from 14 to 17 years.

play ground on the crystal waters of castaway caye

dult-only area

For adults – escape to Serenity Bay. It’s at the end of the island. The best way to get there is by taking the tram. That way, you get to enjoy it without getting totally scorched by the blazing sun. And the great payoff, adults-only beach, cocktails, and tranquility.

This way, those looking for privacy and romanticism can get away from all the screaming from kids.

castaway caye bahamas disney fantasy cruise adults only

Pirates – Johnny Depp

Really? Well almost. But my kids didn’t really know the difference while running into and taking a picture taken with the legendary Jack Sparrow. He might not be Johnny Depp, but he’s a hottie nonetheless.

This was the perfect complement to this fun adventure in the Caribbean.

johnny depp pirates of caribbean at castaway caye bahamas

Sun, Sun, Beaches Fun

I’m not a big beach lover and even less of a sand lover. But being on the island and looking at the perfectly white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters – I kept wondering if this is nature at its best or did Disney have their hand in the perfection.

So I decided to take it all in and enjoy all the beauties that were in the surroundings.

castaway caye bahamas disney fantasy cruise

One will never really know!

Bonus: I wasn’t able to try these experiences, but there is also the chance to go snorkeling, a spot beach, a game room, and even boat rentals.

How to do this

You will be able to find information about the Disney fantasy cruise that takes you to Castaway Cay by taking a look at this page disneycruise.disney.go.com

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Adventures to Do With Disney Off Cruise - Castaway Caye

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