We Love This French Brand! | Bleu De Chauffe

We Love This French Brand! | Bleu De Chauffe

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May 23, 2023
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Gear reporter, Dave Samwel, dives into one of our favorite French brands – Bleu De Chauffe . Handmade in France and individually signed by each artisan, Bleu De Chauffe's luxury leather and canvas goods are world-class and nail that sweet heritage vibe.

If you're looking for refined and classy carry for daily, work or travel, we can highly recommend!

Featured bags:

0:00 Why Bleu de Chauffe are awesome!
6.10 Forlarn Belt Bag - https://bit.ly/432JKCN
8.13 Bazar Tote - https://bit.ly/3MxiPb7
9.21 Zeppo Business Bag - https://bit.ly/3WzisSa
12.05 Misha Laptop Sleeve - https://bit.ly/45vIsSf
13.22 Woody Backpack - https://bit.ly/3MTM5u2
15.41 Hobo Travel Bag - https://bit.ly/3MSJ0uc

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