Top 10 Folding Everyday Carry (EDC) Knives

Top 10 Folding Everyday Carry (EDC) Knives

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We're exploring my top 10 folding EDC knives – one of the EDC essentials in the US. And I've got options for everyone, ranging from $14 up to $450.

Let me know what you carry in the comments!

1) Victorinox Spartan Onyx Black:

2) Benchmade Bugout Custom:

3) TAD Dauntless Compact Hinderer:

4) Civivi Badlands Vagabond Flipper:

5) Fox Radius:

6) DPx Gear Hest:

7) The James Brand Barnes:

8) GiantMouse Ace Riv Ti:

9) Opinel:

10) Chris Reeve Inkosi:

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