Peak Design Travel Backpack Review | 30-45L Pack Perfect For One Bag Travel

Peak Design Travel Backpack Review | 30-45L Pack Perfect For One Bag Travel

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The Peak Design Travel Backpack is nothing short of genius. The unique features, innovative design and quality materials easily make it one of the best bags we’ve ever tested. View Our Full Review:

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9:16 - Inside the Pack
15:29 - Durability & Testing
16:00 - Pros & Cons
16:42 - The Verdict

The Peak Design Travel Backpack is finally here. If you’ve been following us or you’re into backpacks, photography, or travel—you’ve probably heard of Peak Design. These guys have been absolutely killing it, making some of the most unique and innovative designs the backpack and photography world have ever seen.

We’ve been testing this thing out for three weeks and it’s seen use across multiple US states and a few flights. Much like their other gear, our first impression is that this bag has a lot of smart, innovative thinking, and it most definitely lives up to the hype.

The Peak Design Travel Backpack is a well-executed travel bag from a company with an excellent track-record of bringing innovative and unique designs to the backpack world. This is a bag that can easily handle one bag travel, photography, or digital nomading with ease—and it will be a joy to use for any of those activities. We have a couple small gripes—mainly the zipper choice, sternum strap, and side handles—but all of the amazing, innovative thinking that has gone into this bag vastly outweigh the few minor downsides. A winner, for sure.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Peak Design Travel Backpack, an innovative 30-45L pack that’s perfect for one bag travel.

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Title: Peak Design Travel Backpack Review | 30-45L Pack Perfect For One Bag Travel
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