Common Tourist Mistakes in LAS VEGAS During the Pandemic

Common Tourist Mistakes in LAS VEGAS During the Pandemic

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February 12, 2021
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Common Tourist Mistakes in LAS VEGAS During the Pandemic

Avoid these 11 common mistakes and you’ll have a better time in Las Vegas Nevada during the Pandemic. Watch this video to learn from others and you don’t have to make the same mistakes! With varied hours, midweek closings, and various restrictions, they can easily ruin your vacation if you aren't careful!

00:00 - Not checking the hours of operation

00:48 - Not making restaurant reservations

01:29 - Waiting until too late to get dinner

02:01 - Going with a big group.. dining is limited to 4 per table.

02:30 - Staying at the Circus Circus
It's a ghost town. Stay center strip
Staying at the Mandalay Bay is the same

03:24 - Expecting Vegas to be as lively as before
Most locals describe the current situation as quite depressing.

04:24 - Staying at the Westgate
The monorail isn't running

05:14 - Forgetting to factor in resort and parking fees

05:55 - Walking the strip late at night
It gets creepy.. and it seems like there's news of a fight or shooting all the time now.. to the point that many hotels are using metal detectors on guests entering

06:54 - Going on a weekday

07:29 - Bringing your kids to the Circa
Or the Cromwell.. they are both 21+


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Title: Common Tourist Mistakes in LAS VEGAS During the Pandemic
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